Partner Company

Regions Served: North America

Specialization: EmailMonitoringPersonnel TrackingSafety Services

Partner Type: Value Added Reseller, Service Provider, VAR_VAM

Products: SolStar i-10 Solar Charger, SolStar 1i Solar Charger, Iridium 9522B Satellite Transceiver, Iridium 9555 High Capacity Battery, Iridium AxcessPoint Connect, Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone, Delorme inReach, SolStar T12i Solar Charger, Iridium 9603, GeoPro Web Application, Iridium 9602, Iridium 9505A USB to Serial Cable, Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone Stand, Iridium 9505A RS232 Data Adapter, Iridium 9505A Accessories Bundle, Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone, Delorme inReach SE, Iridium Extreme® Satellite Phone, Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web, Iridium GO!™ Outdoor USB Charging Cable, Iridium GO!™ Antenna Adapter Cable, Iridium GO!™ Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Iridium GO!™ Wall-Mount Bracket Kit, Iridium AxcessPoint, Iridium GO!™, Iridium GO!™ 1.2m USB Cable, Iridium GO!™ AC Charger with International Adapters, Iridium GO!™ Auto Charger - USB Output, Iridium GO!™ Protective Cover, Iridium GO!™ Carry Bag

Services: Iridium Postpaid Calling, Iridium Prepaid Calling, Iridium SBD, Iridium GoChat® Crew Calling, Iridium SMS

Office Locations:
Roadpost Inc.
7A Taymall Avenue, Toronto, ON, M8Z 3Y8, Canada
+1 877 623 7678
United States
Roadpost Inc.
110 East 55th Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY, 10022, USA
+1 877 623 7678