Iridium is committed to speeding the adoption of portable, two-way satellite-based location, tracking and messaging technologies which can allow first responders and rescuers to verify distress calls.

In 2009, Iridium joined with mobile satellite industry companies and the emergency response community to found the ProTECTS Alliance (Promotion of Two-way Emergency Communication and Tracking Systems).

The Alliance interfaces with the global search and rescue (SAR) community and is comprised of members designing and launching new products and services, along with safety organizations, mobile satellite services (MSS) companies, resellers, distributors and retailers. All are dedicated to the speedy development of two-way satellite-based location, tracking and messaging technologies, a promising and critical alternative to one-way emergency beacons.

The ProTECTS Alliance is now a working group of The Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM), an international non-profit scientific, professional and educational organization.

For more information, please contact RTCM directly at www.rtcm.org or by email