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Iridium NEXT — Iridium’s second-generation global satellite constellation — is a fast approaching, game-changing reality. It will drive innovation, create opportunities, and change the way people and organizations communicate — everywhere on the planet:

  • Delivering more bandwidth and higher data speeds

  • Meeting future consumer and industry demands

  • Enabling partner solutions on a scale not yet imagined

  • Supporting powerful new devices with enhanced voice quality and truly global coverage

  • Hosting secondary mission payloads, both on Iridium NEXT and through Iridium PRIME℠

Scheduled to begin launching in 2015, Iridium NEXT will maintain the existing Iridium® constellation architecture of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites covering 100 percent of the globe. It will dramatically enhance Iridium's ability to meet the rapidly-expanding demand for truly global mobile communications on land, at sea and in the skies.

Discover the Iridium NEXT program

Innovation Find out how Iridium NEXT is driving a powerful evolution in global communications.

Opportunity – Take full advantage of Iridium NEXT’s remarkable enhancements and innovations.

Technology – See how Iridium NEXT is designed to support cutting-edge technologies today, and into the future.

Hosted Payloads – Learn how payloads on Iridium NEXT have the power to transform business.

Timeline – Track the progress of Iridium NEXT — on schedule for expected first launch in 2015.

Iridium NEXT Mission Team – Get to know the extraordinary team working to launch Iridium NEXT.

The largest commercial
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