Team Relies on Iridium 9555 As They Travel 2000 Miles Along the Northwest Passage

“Thank you Iridium for supporting this venture with kit that was reliable and tough wearing - my job is all about equipment that works to its max when it matters and Iridium delivered on those counts 100%! Simply the Iridium 9555 just plain works. "
Bear Grylls
Northwest Passage 2010
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Iridium 9555 Provides Peace of Mind - Anywhere

“Whether in the north reaches of Alaska, or the remotest parts of the Zambezi Valley in Africa, I always feel safe and connected when I have my Iridium 9555 satellite phone... it is the best peace-of-mind I know of."
Tim Herald
Outdoor Writer/TV Host

Iridium Maritime Satellite News June 2009: Marine Towing Company Installs Iridium-based Fuel Management System from Nautical Control Systems

“FuelTrax will provide us a way to establish an operational baseline… We gain visibility into exactly how we are using fuel and where we can improve operations to reduce fuel consumption.”
Stan Andrie
President, Andrie, Inc.
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Iridium Provides Critical Satellite Links for 2008 Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race

“IonEarth has developed a remote tracking solution that leverages Iridium’s Short-Burst Data (SBD) service to meet our demanding requirements for reliable operation under some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet.”
Stan Hooley
Executive Director, Iditarod Trail Committee

Iridium Maritime Satellite News June 2009

“When compared to other communication options, Iridium OpenPort gives us much more data speed, a reliable communication system and a much more complete solution.”
Rodrigo Martine Arriegues
Commanding Officer, Tesacom Navy Fleet Tug, Argentina
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Iditarod Now Leverages Iridium-Based Tracking and Voice Communications Used by Enterprise Organizations Worldwide

“Like many Alaskans, we know that only Iridium can work for this type of [remote tracking] application – in this unforgiving environment, at this latitude and with the necessary level of reliability.”
Stan Hooley
Executive Director, Iditarod Trail Committee
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AMTS Offers Iridium-Based Long-Range Identification and Tracking Services

“Iridium offers a robust worldwide solution for ships… to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) carriage requirements. With its global satellite coverage over all the Earth’s seaways, low-latency, two-way SBD links and high network quality, Iridium provides an ideal communications media for LRIT reporting.”
Jeff Douglas,
Director, Absolute Marine Tracking Services (AMTS)
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Longest-Running Airline in the Americas Selects Iridium for Voice and Data Communications

“The application of Iridium satcom services will eliminate our sole dependency on standard radio communication methods which are limited over remote areas and can be unreliable under certain weather conditions. We selected the satLINK product based on Iridium’s lower cost-per-kilobyte of data transferred as well as the ease and speed of installation relative to other systems.”
Martín Arias
Aircraft Communications Project Leader, Avianca

Telemedic Systems' New Lightweight Vitallink Is Certified for Operation Over the Iridium Satellite Network

“Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, we can now extend the reach of our telemedicine solutions to users who are beyond the reach of terrestrial wireless networks – from health workers in Africa to search-and-rescue teams in Alaska, from aviators flying across Antarctica to sailors on the high seas”
Alasdair MacDonald 
CEO, TeleMedic Systems

USDA Forest Service Taps Iridium for Automated Flight Following

“Through the [Iridium-based] Automated Flight Following (AFF) system, we have been able to increase the … program’s efficiency through timelier, more accurate location capabilities.”
Robert Roth
Aviation Management Specialist, U.S. Forest Service

Faria WatchDog’s New Iridium-Based Vessel Monitoring System is Type-Approved for U.S. Fisheries

“Faria WatchDog®, Inc.’s Iridium-based vessel monitoring system (VMS) is the world’s most versatile, configurable, reliable and cost-effective marine satellite tracking and communications system that meets both the National Marine Fishery Services’ stringent specifications and the demanding requirements of the commercial fishing industry.”
Dave Blackburn
President, Faria WatchDog
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Iridium Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for DTCS Development

“In my opinion, Netted Iridium will be the most significant tactical communications improvement developed and fielded during the global war on terror.”
U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Bowman
U.S. Central Command J-7
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Iditarod Now Leverages Iridium-Based Tracking and Voice Communications Used by Enterprise Organizations Worldwide

“IonEarth’s remote tracking solution meets our demanding requirements for reliable operation under some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet. This application not only brings the race into the homes of fans all over the world, it also simplifies our logistics and has the capacity to save lives.”
Stan Hooley
Executive Director, ITC
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Iridium and Stratos Provide Satellite Communications for “Around the Americas” Sailing Expedition

“Iridium OpenPort will serve as our primary communication device and critical lifeline to the outside world. The Iridium OpenPort terminal will enable us to transmit reports, blogs and images to the thousands of people who will follow our voyage on the Internet.”
Mark Schrader
Around the Americas Expedition Leader
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Blue Sky Network and Iridium Equip Open Passage Voyage with GPS Tracking and Communications System

“Thanks to the communications tools provided by BSN and Iridium, we are able to easily share our journey with the world and be rest assured knowing our crew is safe.”
Cameron Dueck
Captain, Open Passage Expedition
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Iridium Provides Critical Support for Harris Corporation’s Falcon Watch

“The Iridium satellite network and Iridium devices allow us to transmit data and images quickly and efficiently, which is critical for military and law enforcement personnel.”
Robert Post,
Product Manager for Sensor Systems, Harris RF Communications

Iridium Will Provide Satellite Links For New Nationwide Rail Communication Infrastructure in Australia

“[Iridium providing satellite links for the nationwide rail communication infrastructure in Australia] will … be an important opportunity to showcase the unique capabilities of [Beam’s] SatRADIO technology, which provides a two-way, push-to-talk radio interface with the Iridium satellite terminals...”
Michael Capocchi
General Manager, Beam

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Receives Iridium Phone Donation for Tsunami Relief Efforts

“Our relief workers continue to head to extremely remote areas with little or no telecommunications infrastructure. Iridium… enables us to maintain constant communication through its reliable satellite network.”
Sian Bowen
Head of Media, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Iridium to Provide Communications Service Along Canadian Trans-Labrador Highway

“Iridium phones will provide a more reliable and consistent performance communication lifeline, which is very important as it is the only means of communication on a long, desolate stretch of highway.”
Trevor Taylor
Transportation Minister,
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Iridium 9555 The Only Reliable Lifeline

"Last winter, my dog team and I spent 100 consecutive days in the arctic with absolutely no means of communicating with civilization besides an Iridium satellite phone. The phone provided comfort in knowing that I could easily make a call even in the most extreme weather conditions and have a crystal clear connection. Iridium phones have proven to be rugged, durable, and 100% reliable."
Joe Henderson
Alaskan Arctic Expeditions

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