Aircraft Tracking Solution in the Alaskan Skies

Spidertracks leverages Iridium short-burst-data (SBD) service and truly global network to deliver mandatory Iridium Satellite Aircraft Tracking system


Recently the Department of the Interior, Alaska, announced a change to its contracts to require all aircraft operators that carry employees — and in some cases cargo — working in any DOI department to have an Iridium Satellite Aircraft Tracking system on board and operational starting June 1, 2011.

  • The Challenge
  • Solution had to be Iridium-based, able to report at 2 minute intervals, powered by the aircraft’s own electrical system, and able to be mounted safely where the pilot can reach the keypad and verify the system is operational prior to take off.
  • Also required system compatibility with the government AFF Webtracker system and a web service accessible by the government department.
  • The Solution
  • Integrating Iridium’s short-burst data (SBD) service into their own systems proven, Spidertracks developed an AFF compliant and Webtracker compatible system that is self-contained, fully portable, easy to install, conveniently mounted near the pilot and powered by the aircraft.
  • Reporting intervals and who has access can be adjusted as required, convenient and cost saving for flights not involving DOI contract work. S .

The Results

The Spidertracks S3 and the S4 with Bluetooth and geofencing capability both meet all DOI contract system requirements, providing Alaskan operators with a choice of cost-effective, portable, proven solutions that also enhance the safety and efficiency of their operations.

For a complete listing of the solution, download the story.