Enabling a Complete Navigation Solution for Transatlantic Crossing

Iridium AxcessPoint and a truly global network enable access to vital GRIB weather data for iOS Weather4D Application in open seas.

ARC 2011 Rally

The ARC Rally has become the world’s largest ocean-spanning sailing event, with over 200 yachts from around the globe participating each year. Embarking on November 20th, the 2011 Rally set a 2700 nautical mile course from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to St. Lucia.

  • The Challenge
  • The crew of the catamaran Rafale needed a complete navigation solution that could reliably access and download GRIB data throughout their 14-day Atlantic crossing.
  • The Solution
  • To access the weather data, they used Weather4D PRO. Enabled by Iridium AxcessPoint and connected to an Iridium satellite phone, the team could access and view weather data on their Apple iPads, iPhones and MacBook laptop.

The Impact

The Rafale team reported 44 connections for email and 22 downloads of weather GRIB data — with zero failures during their voyage. The solution achieved impressive raw data speeds of 3118 Kbps, even higher than the Iridium standard 2400 Kbps.

“With Weather4D PRO, associated with an Iridium satellite phone, we now have a complete reliable and low cost solution to receive, display and manage GRIB files in open seas with iPad.”
Francis Gustier, Rafale crew member

For a complete listing of the navigation solution, download the story.