FLYHT afirs UpTime

FLYHT afirs UpTime


afirs UpTime single multifunction LRU monitors the aircraft generated data for predefined events and trigger criteria, providing accurate operational and performance data to flight operations, dispatch, safety, and/or maintenance personnel. UpTime, the secure, redundant client-web interface, allows for easy data retrieval, reporting, and real-time communication capabilities for instantaneous in-flight contact.

Key capabilities of afirs include:

  • “Always on” global voice and data communications capability via the Iridium satellite network
  • Aircraft position monitoring via integrated GPS – aircraft position and other selected information can be fed to third-party aircraft situational display providers
  • Automatic tracking and recording of OOOI (out, off, on, in) data for completely accurate tracking of times
  • Recording of all parameters via integrated flash QAR (for collection of FOQA and FDM data)
  • Real-time notification and reporting of airframe and engine exceedances and related data
  • Engine performance trend monitoring and reporting
  • Ability to monitor and report compliance with critical fuel saving initiatives
  • Monitoring and tracking of compliance with emerging carbon emission criteria
  • FLYHTStream™ – afirs unique and proprietary ability to stream aircraft data to the ground in real time

afirs’ timely, secure, seamless, end-to-end communications capability significantly increases the aircraft operator’s “maintenance situational awareness”, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing cost of operations.