Guardian Mobility Guardian 5™

Guardian Mobility Guardian 5


The Guardian Mobility Guardian 5™ provides global real-time Automated Flight Following (AFF), two-way free form or canned Text Messaging, Alerts, Mark Position and more.

Communicate with your aircrew

  • The Guardian 5™ solution enables you to send and receive messages between your aircraft crew and ground staff. Free-form text messages and pre-formed Pilot friendly messages may be edited "on the fly" before sending. (E.g. "ETA" becomes "ETA 08:40")
  • Color LCD multi-line display provides conversational Send/Receive text messaging, with 5 messages per screen.
  • The Guardian Ground Mapping System allows Users to communicate via Text and Aircraft text messages can be forwarded to designated emails.

Track the location & status of your fleet aircraft

  • Real time, automated Flight Following (AFF) aircraft GPS position reports sent at customer defined rates. (e.g. every 2 minutes)
  • The Mark button sends GPS position reports to identify important ground locations.
  • The Alert button sends high rate GPS position reports when an aircraft is in difficulties.
  • The Guardian Ground Web based Mapping System allows multiple Users in different locations to view the location, track & status of all Aircraft in the fleet and Geofence Aircraft, Map highlighted Alerts and events, either live or using historical data.