Iridium AxcessPoint (DISCONTINUED)

Combined with an Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint leverages the world’s furthest reaching network to create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are in the world — allowing you to check emails and stay connected to the office, or keep in touch with family and friends, anytime, anywhere.

Iridium satellite phones compatible with Iridium AxcessPoint include:

Usage charges are billed per minute once the Internet connection is established, until you disconnect your Iridium AxcessPoint.

Do even more with Iridium Mail & Web

Included with the Iridium AxcessPoint device is the free Iridium Mail & Web application that accelerates email messaging and web browsing when used with Iridium satellite phones and compatible Wi-Fi devices. The app also allows you to:

  • Access features in a single-click with easy icon navigation
  • Draft and view emails offline
  • Configure email size to minimize connection time
  • Queue up emails to be sent up to 15x faster than web-based services
  • Retrieve emails from external accounts
  • Block pop ups, removing ads and background images
  • Compress web pages for download speeds of 3-5x faster than uncompressed pages
  • Log in to Facebook and Twitter to keep your network updated
  • Compress and send photos to share experiences online
  • Access weather forecasts for up to 7 days for various locations

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