Multiband Pieps QFH Antenna

The HxD 75mm x 18mm helix is printed on very thin PCB that is supplied flat-packed. Both the Iridium and 800MHz radiators use miniUFL terminations. When inserting it into the antenna housing, it is simply rolled into shape and tacked together using 2 plastic clips. The antenna housing itself provides mechanical strength.

Tech Specs & Features

  • Temperature: -40°C to +85°C, outside this range antenna performance can be expected to degrade
  • Performance: This copper etched flexible PCB antenna has been designed with handheld devices in mind.
  • Radiation: Being a quadra helical design it is has excellent radiation in the 5-45 degree angles of elevation.
  • Packing: It is produced on a flat flexible sheet measuring 55mm x 75mm and rolled into a tube measuring 75mm x 18mm.
  • Multiband: The design can also include an 800MHz, Cellular or WIFI antenna.
  • Groundplane: The antenna is regarded as groundplane independent but requires optimization by the factory before mass-production.
  • Cables and Connectors: It is fitted with 2 surface mounted MiniUFL connector.
  • Dimensions:  L75mm x D18

  • Frequency Range: 1616-1625.5MHz
  • Nominal Gain: 4dBiC
  • Max Axial Ratio: 3dB
  • VSWR:  <2:1
  • Rated Power: 10W
  • Isolation: 10dB


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