Iridium GO!®

Iridium GO!® apps are designed specifically for Iridium GO!® by Iridium and third-party developers and are available for a wide variety of platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android and others). Download the apps and get the most from your Iridium GO!®.

Iridium GO! apps are designed by utilizing the Iridium GO! Software Development Kit. If you are interested in becoming part of this growing development community for Iridium GO!-compatible apps, complete the Iridium GO! app developer application.

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Iridium Products

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Iridium GO!®

Iridium GO!® App

Iridium Mail & Web App

Iridium Mail & Web App

Partner Products

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WeatherNet Pesca


Aviator WiFi - Single or Double Iridium Transceiver


AeroPlus Aviation Weather



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Iridium GO!® Fixed Installation Kit

Iridium GO!®1.2m USB Cable

Iridium GO!® Carry Bag

Iridium GO!® Wall-Mount Bracket Kit

Iridium GO!® AC Charger

Iridium GO!® Auto Charger - USB Output

Iridium GO!® Protective Cover

Iridium GO!® Protective Cover

Iridium GO!® Outdoor USB Charging Cable

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